The A201 mutual waiver clause has aggravated a perplexing problem — how to define “consequential damages,” the subject of the waiver. THE CLAUSE. Such agreements, known as waivers, releases and exculpatory agreements, are enforceable in most jurisdictions, but not in Virginia. The general rule is that a liability waiver is not enforceable if it violates public policy, if the negligence is one where a legal standard of care exists and the act falls well below that standard, or if the drafting of the waiver is insufficient. Similarly, practitioners and commentators offer differing interpretations of “consequential damages” and the evils that a waiver of consequential damages is intended to avoid. 19 853 S.W.2d 505, 508 (Tex. Are Consequential Damages Clauses Enforceable? These waivers are generally enforceable, but not always. If your client has signed a construction agreement that contains a consequential damages waiver and subsequently sustained a loss of profit or loss of use as a result of the contractor’s breach or mistake, you should advise your client to consider whether the consequential damages waiver is enforceable. The Enforceability of Contractual Clauses Excluding Sellers from Liability for Consequential Damages Under Section 2-719 of the Uniform Commercial Code ... buyer of consequential damages upon a seller's breach. However, regardless of what the contract or the clause itself says, there is an increasing trend towards determining these clauses unenforceable, likely because parties do … The mutual waiver of consequential damages was one of the most significant changes in the evolution of the A201 and remains one of the most important provisions to focus upon in negotiations. 9 . consequential damages—which often [but not necessarily] are schedule-related—or by ... covered by a blanket no-damages-for-delay waiver, one text suggests that owners include the ... enforceability of the no-damages-for delay clause). The exact damages that are included in the term “consequential damages” are not well defined within existing case law. 1993). Section B discusses the necessity for and general enforceability of consequential damages waivers. It will depend largely on the language of the contract. Business invitees visiting ski slopes and amusement parks are probably familiar with the “Waiver of Liability” forms participants are asked to sign before the fun begins. Section 2-719(3), however, specifically permits a seller to contractually exclude or. A mutual waiver of consequential damages may appear to have more direct value and benefit to a contractor than to an owner, primarily because a completed building is often used for business purposes and contributes to the generation of business profit. A design professional was granted summary judgment enforcing a $50,000 limitation of liability (LoL) clause and waiver of consequential damages clause in its contract with its client, the design-builder. 20. As a result, even in the absence of a contractual waiver of consequential damages, this standard of reasonableness creates limits on the extent of the non-breaching party’s recovery for losses that the breaching party did not otherwise specifically agree to bear. I.